• Establishment of Zuri International

    Zuri International

    We are proud to inform that Zuri Group of Companies have succesfully ventured in International Recovery industry with the inception of Zuri Indonesia under PT Zuri Rekan Niaga Indonesia.  With our local partners in Indonesia who vast experience in banking and finalcial sectors, we believer Zuri International will thrieve beyond the sky.

    Zuri Indonesia will venture not only in Credit Recovery but also in IT Security, Cyber Security, Global Smart SMS as well as Product Anti-Scam and many more.  Zuri Indonesia have already set interest in a few sectors in Jakarta and will soon to other provinces.

  • New subsidiary of Zuri Group of Companies

    HWC Fasteners Sdn Bhd

    Once again we are proud to inform that Zuri Group of Companies is actively expanding its wings.  We are officially expanding our business into IT sector.  No doubt Zuri Groups are thriving in the Debt Recovery industry, we have successfully ventured into IT & Security industry.

    HWC Fasteners Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary company under Zuri Group of Companies.  We have officially tied up with Karsoft Systems USA in relation to market our IT products.  Karsoft Systems currently holding 22 USA Patented IT solution systems.  HWC Fasteners Sdn Bhd are sole distributors and developers of these IT Solutions in South East Asia

    Our primary products are Product Anti-Scam  / Anti-Forgery Solution.  This solution can be adopted into any end product such as software, clothing, Identification methods (ID, Passport, etc), Certificates (both digital and hard copy), food products, film industry and many more.  This product is a USA Patent.

    We also provide Smart Global SMS Solution which will save millions of dollars for your companies marketing tool using SMS.  This technology includes Voice Note, Short Video, GIF, Company Logo and many more add-ons which can be sent as normal SMS at a much cheaper rate compared to your local SMS provider.

    Our highlight of IT Solution is our Cyber Security Solution.  This solution is not and never near to conventional antivirus software or firewall software.  This is a standalone software that will prevent any abnormal or malicious act and intrusion to your system.  This product is a USA Patent.  

  • Zuri Group of Companies 10th Annual Dinner

    10th Annual Dinner 2018

    Zuri Group of Companies have conducted our 10th Annual Dinner 2018 at Lodge Paradise Hotel Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, 3rd March 2018.  This event was succeeded by our Group Chairman & CEO, YBhg Tuan U. Thamotharan as well as Group Chairman Mr. U. Saravanan.

    230 staff from all departments as well from 20 branches all over Malaysia took their part in this event.  It was as great success for Zuri Groups to be in the industry since 2001.  Group Chairman & CEO thanked all staffs for their effort and undisputed support given to the company which have led to the triumph of our Zuri Group.  

    The event was a great success followed by the undying hyper action by Emcee and Live Band.  Stay tune for event photos.