Why we are different

Our key strengths and differentiations are as follows :

We are one of the few companies that combine the expertise of recovery and legal support to help meet our clients’ objectives;

In the area of credit recovery also, we have divided the role of our recovery officers to perform the recovery process via telephone and the field visit officers act in a support capacity to complement their colleagues by direct communication with debtors. These field visit officers are also the team who assess the financial position of the debtor which can be only done by actual inspection of the residence etc.

We believe in the concept of providing personalized services to our clients and this approach has helped us carve a niche especially in the “over-populous” credit recovery market and management advisory services.

We also have strong links with various networking partners for enhanced search capabilities.and quick solutions in various fields both technical and industrial apart from our professional services

We have the infrastructure
At present, our Head Office is in Kuala Lumpur with branches in:-
- Perlis state.  
- Kedah state.
- Penang State.
- Perak state.
- Kelantan state.
- Terengganu state East Coast).
- Pahang state (East Coast).
- Kuala Lumpur.
- Selangor state.
- Negeri Sembilan state.
- Melaka state.
- Johor state.
- Sabah state.
- Sarawak state.

We have the expertise.
We also have excellent access and knowledge of East Coast locations so that service can be affected quickly.  As we are a part of Zuri Group of Companies whose main business is credit recovery for financial institutions, we have trained personnel to conduct not only service but also perform incidental investigation and inspection on the addressee for various reasons.

Thus we are able to obtain latest and most current addresses of the addressee should you require so without additional costs to you. This is our added advantage to provide a holistic service to our clients. We are ever ready to extend our services to clients in Singapore, Brunei and any other country requiring assistance to trace and locate an inhabitant of Malaysia.