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Established in 2001, Zuri Services Sdn Bhd provides professional debt recovery services including credit management consultancy, led by our Group Chairman & CEO, YBhg Tuan U.Thamotharan who has more than 20 years of experience in this field.



Our vision is to deliver customized solutions that improve our clients’ accounts receivable recovery rates, thus improving their financial performance that contributes into revenue generating opportunities and competitive advantages for our clients. We believe in providing innovative business solutions to our clients.



- To attain and maintain top position in the market share.
- To forget an effective business relationship with our clients.
- To enhance our professional approach in credit recovery.
- To broaden our information, communications and technological infrastructure.
- To achieve rapid, dynamic and profitable growth.
- To provide cost effective and reliable service covering full ambit from collection.
- To administer the rule of law and guidelines on debt recovery fairly in accordance with laws in Malaysia.
- To protect the interest of our client and thrive to achieve 100% recovery rate.
- To maximize the potential of our human capital.